**Town Clerk Office Hours**

Monday = 8AM - 4PM

Tuesday = 8AM - 6PM 

Wednesday = 8AM - 4PM

Thursday = 8AM - 4PM

Friday = Closed, open by appointment

*If the above hours do not work for you - contact us to make an appt*

*Any questions please call 625-4558 or email dtaylor@parsonsfield.org during normal office hours to

set up an appointment* 

Contract Deputy Darren Cyr is available to meet with Parsonsfield residents during his scheduled work week. If you are interested in discussing a concern with Deputy Cyr, please call the Sheriff’s Office at

207-324-1113 extension 1, and ask for Darren to schedule an appointment.  Darren may also be emailed at dncyr@yorkcountymaine.gov .

As always, in case of emergency dial 911