Below you will find links to the tax bills and the commitment book.  The tax bills are sorted by last name in each file.  There is also a file with all tax bills in it.  This can be used to search for map and lot.  The format for map and lot is mxx-yyy-zzz, where m is either R or U, xx is map number, yyy is lot number and zzz is sublot number (Note that not all lots have a sublot number).  This is a fixed format so leading zeroes should be used where fill is needed.

The files are PDF files.  You may search them by hitting ctrl F and typing in your search criteria.

2015 Taxes were committed on September 25, 2015.  The tax rate is $15.00 per thousand.  Taxes are due on November 23, 2015.  There is a 2% discount allowed if paid by October 24.

2015 Taxes

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