**Town Clerk Office Hours**

Monday = 8AM - 4PM

Tuesday = 8AM - 6PM 

Wednesday = 8AM - 4PM

Thursday = 8AM - 4PM

*Any questions please call 625-4558 or email dtaylor@parsonsfield.org during normal office hours to

set up an appointment* 

    General Assistance Application

Employment Application (download with this link or fill out and submit below)
Committee Application

Town Office Rental Request

Vital Record (births, marriages and deaths) request form.  Please fill out the top section and the appropriate section below.  If you are mailing the form back, you must include a copy of your drivers license, payment and a self addressed stamped envelope for return. If the name on your driver's license is different than what's on the vital record, include documentation showing how that changed (marriage certificate, eg).
    Vitals Request Form

Employment Application

Exemption forms.  Please fill out and mail to town office.
These links open a new window on the State of Maine website.
    Homestead Exemption Form
Veteran's Exemption Form
Veteran's Widow, Widower, Minor Child or Widowed Parent of a Veteran

    Property Tax Stabilization for Senior Citizens

Real Estate Tax Abatements
    Abatement Information
Abatement Form