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Important Recycling News, March 15, 2019​​


Recycling Is Easy!
With single sort recycling, it’s as easy as A – B – C – D
Always NO sorting
Bottles/jars/containers made of plastic with #1 – 7 inside the
    chasing arrows can be recycled
Cans, glass, paper, magazines, books – hard & soft covers,
    newspapers, paperboard & cardboard go into the same
Do not have to purchase a recycling bin anymore. Buy a $2
    sticker @ the Town Office and put it on any container

Recycling is picked up curbside on the FIRST and THIRD Friday of each month. Please take note: 4 months each year have 5 Fridays so your recyclables must wait an extra week those months.
Your recycling container must be out by 6:00am; some roads by 5:00am. If sticker is attached, make sure it faces the road/street.    Please report recycling concerns directly to Mellen & Sons Trucking (625-7591) and also to the Town Office (625-4558). Those concerns will be forwarded to the Recycling Committee.

Recycling Guidelines
Recycling Rates 2009 - 2014 from Ecomaine
For additional information from Ecomaine

Disposal and Recycling Options - E-Waste
Here are a few options to recycle items:
Riverside Recycling Portland
Smoke detectors cost $12 each and mercury thermometers cost $2 each at Riverside Recycling

Mercury (thermostats, thermometers, tilt-switches, etc.)

Why be concerned about mercury in thermostats? Wall mounted mercury thermostats contain a significant amount of mercury. If thrown in the trash, thermostats are burned or broken causing mercury to be released into the environment. When mercury enters our environment, it becomes part of the food chain for all living organisms. Unfortunately, mercury does not break down, so it builds up in fish, birds and people. Because of the high levels of mercury in our rivers, streams and lakes, the Maine Bureau of Health advises we limit the amount of fish we eat. Mercury affects the red blood cells, kidney tissues and the central nervous system.

$5.00 incentives for recycling mercury thermostats
To prevent mercury pollution, recycle your mercury thermostats. Just bring your old mercury thermostat to your local participating hardware store for an in-store $5.00 credit, or to an HVAC wholesaler or Ecomaine (located in Portland) to receive a receipt to be followed by a check in the mail for $5.00 for each mercury thermostat you turn in. To find collection sites near you, enter your zip code into the search box at the top of the page on the Thermostat Recycling Corporation’s Maine Program website. This will give you a list of locations and their distance from you. You can then click on the name of a location to get its address and links to maps to help you find it. 

Fluorescent bulbs, tubes Compact Fluorescent bulbs (“CFLs”) 

The following retailers and recyclers accept items for disposal:
Aubuchon Hardware
Cook's Hardware in Gorham
Standish Hardware
Steep Falls Building Supply
Springvale Hardware
Home Depot
Riverside Recycling in Portland

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